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Essential Security Tips For West Midlands Businesses

Jun 22, 2018

When it comes to business security, you're protecting more than your property and your possessions. 

You're also protecting your legacy, your livelihood, and your reputation. 

Burglary is a hard-hitting crime that has far-reaching consequences and unfortunately, it's a crime that's on the rise. The good news is you can take steps that put the odds in your favour and help you minimise the risk. 

Here are the essentials you need to cover...

1. Understand your risk

First up and most importantly, you need to have a sound awareness of the risk status of your business. 

Without this, you're shooting in the dark because you won't know what you need to protect, where your vulnerabilities lie, and what measures you need to take. 

A risk analysis involves a full assessment of your business. For example: 

  • What's of potential value to burglars?
  • Where might criminals try to break in?
  • How can you prevent theft by employees?
  • How are you managing and disposing of sensitive data?
  • Do you have adequate lighting? 

With a good awareness of risk level, it's far easier to take the right proactive steps to keep your business safe. 

2. Get the right intruder alarm for your business 

An intruder alarm is a non-negotiable essential for all businesses. 

When your premises aren't occupied, you need peace of mind that you'll be alerted in the event of a problem. 

You can't afford to DIY the installation. Always get professional security engineers to complete this job because they'll be able to ensure all access points are covered and that motion detectors are located in the right places. 

Don't be complacent either. 

It's worth having your alarm checked at timely intervals to ensure you still have the best possible solution for your business. With advancements in technology, there may be new features that you could take advantage of. 

3. Invest in monitoring 

With the stakes high, you want your security system monitored. That way, if it's activated during the night or when you're on shutdown, you're not reliant on passers-by to sound the alarm. With system monitoring, you'll have the peace of mind that an activated alarm will be investigated. 

And for higher risk businesses, there's always the option of a police response. 

Talk to your alarm provider for more information about this, as they'll be able to help you decide what level of cover is right for you. 


Criminals hate being noticed let alone recorded on camera. Based on your specific risk profile, CCTV may be an invaluable additional deterrent. It could also increase the chances of a conviction if a crime is committed. Make sure you have robust outdoor lighting to support this. Motion sensors can activate lights making it harder for criminals to remain unseen (and capturing better CCTV footage). 

5. Stay on top of issues

As a business owner, it's always smart to stay on top of security issues - whether that's fixing broken windows or staying aware of local trends and risks. Be proactive with your business security and you can take remedial action before a risk becomes a problem. 

As they say, prevention is always better than cure. In terms of security, avoiding an incident is cheaper, easier, and less stressful than dealing with the aftermath of a crime. 

6. Speak up

Consider a policy of transparency when it comes to security in your business. Make it easy for staff to report issues or concerns to you. Make them feel comfortable to flag up even the things that appear to be small. An overheard conversation, a gut instinct or an observation can be enough to prevent a crime before it ever takes place. 

7. Consider cyber security as well as physical security 

In an age where things are increasingly digital, cyber attacks are increasing, and data protection laws are changing, it's critical that businesses get a grasp on cybersecurity. 

From robust passwords and access control to malware and antivirus software, there's plenty you can do to minimise your risk and beat the criminals. 

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