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Commercial Fire Alarms

It's a legal requirement as a duty of care that all business owners protect themselves and their staff from potential harm. This is why it is essential you have an exemplary fire alarm system that won't ever let you down.

At Alert Alarms we are experts when it comes to commercial fire alarm systems and in the requirements set out by the health and safety executive. We can help you ensure that your business premises meets legal requirements and above all that it is safe for yourself and your customers and employees.

We provide the whole package when it comes to fire alarm systems, providing the initial design, the installation, monitoring and ongoing maintenance. Our fire alarm systems are used by a wide range of businesses, from small companies to major PLC's, we have experience in installing systems for a wide range of companies and guarantee excellent quality systems of the best technology and excellent customer care.

For added safety our systems can also be linked to the Fire Brigade so in a real emergency it won't be long till you receive help. We have already installed hundreds of businesses fire alarm systems ensuring their premises are safe, this is why we are trusted to provide the best quality systems available and maintain them too.


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