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How To Protect Your Business From Crime

Apr 19, 2018

Crime against businesses accounts for a significant proportion of all recorded crime in the UK. 

It's a fact that no doubt worries hardworking business owners like you. So what can you do to cut your risk? What steps can you take to ward off criminals and protect your company, your livelihood, your stock, equipment, and staff?

Here are 7 ideas to explore

1. Understand your specific risk

First up, you need to know your vulnerabilities - otherwise you're shooting in the dark. That's why we recommend you carry out a robust risk assessment. That way you can pinpoint the risks in your business and take steps to minimise or eliminate them. 

Remember, to think widely. Protecting your business involves more than securing your buildings. It's also about looking around your premises as a whole to identify the vulnerabilities that professional criminals may exploit. 

If you want some expert eyes to help you, just give us a call. 

2. Secure your premises 

It goes without saying that building security is a must. Robust locks on all access points are essential - and that includes your windows as well as your doors. 

Be sure to invest in an intruder alarm too - one that's fit for purpose and offers you the protection you need. CCTV may also be advisable at your premises - especially if you have large storage facilities or extensive grounds to protect. 

Remember, most break-ins are opportunistic. Make it hard for a burglar to get in and out undetected, and they're more likely to give up. 

3. Secure your equipment

Do you have valuable equipment at your premises? If so, make sure it's secure. It's worth doing audits periodically so you can keep tabs on everything. Keep a record of any serial numbers and consider labelling items so they can be easily identified as belonging to you. 

It's a small, but important measure that can prevent theft and help you recover lost items should the worst happen. 

4. Secure your reception area

How easy is it for strangers to access your building? What checks and measures do you have in place to ensure criminals can't just walk in? 

One way to do this is through access control. Supply cards or codes to employees to ensure they're the only people who can gain entry. If you have a public entrance point, consider putting access control on doors that lead into staff-only parts of your premises. 

Access control systems have the added advantage that they provide you with a current list of people in the building. In the event of a fire drill or emergency, this list can prove vital - it could even save lives. 

5. Be mindful of what you throw away

Do you know what goes in your bins? 

Make sure sensitive paper waste and documentation is shredded and disposed of securely. You don't want to accidently provide criminals with valuable information they can use. 

Along the same vein, be sure to store sensitive and personal information securely - so if criminals do break in it's not accessible easily. 

6. Undertake regular checks

Security isn't something that you do once and forget about it. 

Criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated and that means you need to keep your finger on the pulse. You need to ensure your security measures and systems remain robust. So schedule regular checks into your diary. Walk around your premises with an eye to identify potential risks and then take action to eliminate them. 

Invite staff to give their input. They may spot things that you overlook. 

7. Seek help and advice

If security isn't your specialism, then it's well worth getting expert help. 

A security expert will spot risks that you won't see and they'll be able to provide suggestions and advice to help you protect your company from crime. 

Here at Alert Alarms, we provide FREE site surveys to all businesses in the Midlands area. As well as helping you identify and understand the risk level at your company, we can also provide you with a complete security solution - to give you the peace of mind that you've done all you can to beat the burglar. 

We can install and maintain a range of security products including alarms, CCTV, and access control. We offer security services too such as key holding and police response. 

It's always better to prevent a crime than it is to deal with the aftermath of a break-in. So if you've not reviewed your security arrangements for a while and you're keen to ensure your precautions are the best they can be, get in touch. 

Remember our Site Surveys are free and leave you with no obligation. 

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