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Five Home Security Mistakes To Stop Making Today

Sep 28, 2018

Your home is your castle. It's why you've invested in a security system. You've also got the motion-sensor lights and you ensure you lock up every time you go out. 

But that doesn't mean you've done enough to beat the burglars. 

In fact, if you're making any of these FIVE all too common mistakes, there's a good chance you're revealing more to a criminal about your home that you realise. 

1. Hiding your keys in a 'safe' place

We hear you! It feels logical to store a key somewhere outside your property so that if you ever get caught out, you can let yourself back in. 

The problem is, thieves know about these tricks. They also know where those 'safe' places might be. So your secret spot under a plant pot, beneath your welcome mat, or even taped to the inside of your letterbox may not be as secret as you think. 

Far better to ask a neighbour to keep hold of a spare key for those emergencies rather than give a burglar the key to your front door. There's also the insurance to think about. Do you think you'll be covered if a criminal got inside with a key? 

2. Allowing burglars to window shop

Remember, domestic break-ins are usually opportunistic crimes. For sure, some properties are specifically targeted, but more often than not a burglary will happen because the criminal feels confident they can get in and out undetected. 

But they'll only break in if they think the risk is worth it. Showcase all your valuables through the window and you raise the stakes. If a criminal can see there are a lot of goodies in your home, it may just influence their decision. 

You can counter this by keeping your valuable off show. Net curtains or voiles can help too. Reduce what someone can see from the outside in and keep your home that little bit safer. 

3. Making your home too private

We all value our privacy. 

No one wants a stranger peering in their windows and being able to see what goes on behind closed doors. However, it's important to get the balance right. Burglars are more attracted to properties where they can get in and out undetected. Those tall trees and bushes that protect your privacy may also provide cover for a criminal. 

That doesn't mean you have to rethink your landscaping entirely, just be mindful of hiding your entry points from view. Another tip here is to locate motion-sensor lighting by your doors. Then if someone does come up in the dead of night, at least they'll be illuminated. 

4. Announcing your whereabouts on social media

In this social age we all enjoy sharing what we're up to on our favourite social platforms. 

But in doing so, we're also telling the world where we are. Take your holiday photos for example. If people know you're away, they also know your home is empty. This also applies to the things you buy. Posting your latest gadget or jewellery purchase on social media could alert the wrong people to the valuables in your home. 

So do be mindful what you post on social media. For example, consider sharing your holiday pictures after you come back from holiday. Check your settings too so you know who's able to see what. 

5. Forgetting to cancel the papers

Going away for a few weeks? If so, make sure you cancel your newspaper delivery (or the milk - if you have that delivered too). Newspapers piling up in your hallway are a sure-fire sign that you're not at home. The same applies to milk that isn't brought inside your home. 

The same goes for your lawn that can get overgrown (particularly in the summer months) when you're not there to cut it. 

What's NOT happening can often become a big signal to burglars - if you're not careful. 

Many home security precautions are common sense. For example, lock your doors when you go out (even if you're just popping around the corner). In comparison, some important security measures are subtler - such as the 'mistakes' outlined in this blog. 

There is so much you can do to minimise the risk of your home being targeted. 

The tips in this blog are a start, but for a more personalised list of recommendations, book yourself a Home Security Review with one of our experts. They're free. 


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