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11 Simple Measures You Can Take to Boost The Security Of Your Business

Sep 28, 2018

Life is hectic! 

With a stack of priorities, to-dos, and commitments to juggle on a daily basis, it's tempting to become complacent with the security of your business. You convince yourself it won't happen to you and as a result, you fail to see the risks and where your business is vulnerable. 

When it comes to security, prevention is always better than cure in terms of cost, impact, and time. That's why it's smart to ask yourself 'what if' questions now. 

Take some time to consider the worst-case scenario and you'll no doubt stumble upon some gaps you need to close. It's a simple exercise that can help tighten everything up and boost your peace of mind. 

To help, here are 11 areas to consider. 

1. Double check all entry points when you close up shop
Open windows provide access points for thefts, so make sure everything is shut and locked tight before the last person goes home for the day - that includes roof windows, as well as the ones you believe are impossible to reach. 

2. Put ladders away
Ladders can make an inaccessible window, accessible. Don't give burglars easy access to your premises. Instead, keep ladders locked away so they're not used to gain entry. 

3. Light it up
Burglars don't want to be seen and you can take advantage of this by installing motion-sensor lighting around access points and alleyways. Make it harder for burglars to remain invisible and a break in at your property won't seem so attractive. 

4. Set the alarm
As obvious as it sounds, remember to set your intruder alarm when you leave for the day. As well as being a vital deterrent int he fight against crime, your system will provide some key information too. For example, give each member of staff who needs an access code a different code - that way you can see who was in (and who left) at any given time. You can also set up your alarm to tell you which sensors have been activated. As well as helping to prevent external theft, a professionally installed and maintained alarm can help you reduce the risk from your staff too. 

5. Install CCTV
This is an extra expense that could save you a fortune in the long run. With cameras recording activity in and outside your premises, you'll be able to keep track of what's happening. You'll also have useful footage that could prove invaluable in the event of a break in. 

6. Access control
Want to know who's entering your premises before you give them access? Install an access system and you can screen visitors before you let them in. It's a simple way to keep a check on who's in and around your place of work. 

7. Have your alarm monitored 
Give yourself the peace of mind that an activated alarm will always be responded to. Don't rely on the goodwill of a member of the public; invest in professional monitoring and ramp up the provision at your premises. 

8. Maintain your perimeter
How easy is it for intruders to access your property out of hours? Periodically check your fences and gates. Ensure the locks are sound, that there are no holes or gaps, and that any broken section is promptly repaired. 

9. Lock valuables inside at night
Do you have a yard that's a hub of activity during the day? If so, make sure tools, materials, and other valuables are stored inside during the evening. Your assets won't be as easy to steal when they are locked away. 

10. Be vigilant where you leave vehicle keys
Where do you leave vehicle keys during the daytime? Are they in a location where an opportunistic criminal could steal them and make off with a car or a van?

11. Get personalised security advice
Generic security advice is useful, but your business will have its own risks and vulnerabilities. So book up a Site Survey. Get the eyes of a security expert on your business and discover what you need to tighten up. Simply call 0800 852 7434 and book a convenient time. 

Each of these 11 areas is quick and easy to do, so get into the habit of staying on top of security in your business. 

A little extra vigilance now could make the difference between business as usual and a burglary in the future. 

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