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How To Beat The Burglar When Crime Is Rising

Jun 22, 2018

It's a worrying fact that crime is on the rise. 

According to a recent Guardian article, there's been a "32% increase in domestic burglary to 261,965 offences." (Source: 

At the same time, police numbers are falling. 

It's true that burglary is an ongoing threat, and as responsible homeowners, it's our responsibility to take necessary measures to protect our homes, property, and the people we love. 

The hard truth is you can't afford to be complacent - because you just never know. 

We've all been there - wishing for the best and silently telling ourselves that our homes wouldn't be targeted because we live in a nice, low-crime area. 

Unfortunately, that isn't how crime works. 

Instead, burglaries are largely opportunistic. 

Sure, some homes are specifically targeted but in the main, a criminal takes a chance when they think they can get in and out of your home undetected. 

But that makes your job a little bit easier - because if you can sow the seeds of doubt, there's a chance a would-be criminal will go away. 

So what can you do to keep the burglars away?

The good news is there are plenty of practical steps you can take - many that are surprisingly low cost. 

These are our top five: 

1. Professionally install AND maintain a burglar alarm 

Given that most burglaries are opportunistic, it makes sense to put deterrents in place. 

Intruder alarms make noise and attract attention. Criminals don't want to be seen let alone caught, and that's why an intruder alarm can be so effective. 

While you can install DIY style, we recommend you call in the professionals. 

Not only will an experienced engineer do a better job aesthetically (so wires aren't invisible), BUT they'll also be able to site the motion detectors in the right place for maximum effectiveness. 

And with prices from just £650, it's a low investment too - compared with the peace of mind you get in return. 

Sure, you could save a few pounds installing a dummy bell box or fitting an alarm yourself, but why cut corners with your most valuable possession? Does it really make sense to spend so little to protect everything you own?

We also recommend you service and maintain your alarm. A good quality system is designed to last, but as with anything electrical, components can fail through wear and tear. Regular servicing will help ensure your alarm doesn't fail you when you need it most. 

2. Security lighting 

Criminals love darkness because it means there's less chance they'll be seen. 

Outdoor lighting that turns on when it detects movement removes that cover and makes it harder for criminals to stay invisible. 

Position around your home - especially in secluded spots and around entry points - and you'll make it a lot harder for a burglar to break in when it's dark. 

3. Cut shrubs and trees

While greenery can provide a privacy shield, it can also give burglars somewhere to hide while they stake out your home and wait for the right moment. So look at your house through a burglar's eyes (if you can!). 

Where are the potential hiding places? What can you do to keep your garden the way you love it while minimising the likelihood that your horticultural skills are making your home a target? 

4. Alarm monitoring 

For extra peace of mind, keep eyes on your home when you're away from it. 

One way to do this is through a monitoring contract. If your alarm sounds, your monitoring company will call you (or your elected keyholders) to investigate. With this provision, you can be assured that someone will always check on your alarm. 

You're not relying on the goodness of your neighbours. 

A cheaper alternative is to connect to your alarm via smart apps. Thanks to modern tech, it's possible to monitor your alarm from the ease and accessibility of your mobile phone. 

5. Don't advertise

Finally, be mindful of the unspoken messages you're putting out to potential burglars. 

For example: 

  • Do your social media posts announce that you're away? 
  • Do the boxes you've put out for the bin truck reveal you have new valuables at home?
  • Is your spare key easy to find?
  • Are valuables on view through your windows?
  • Is your car key easy to grab through the front door or letterbox?
  • With the warm weather, do you leave windows open when you pop out? 

You shouldn't have to thing about these things - your home is your castle after all, but for the few criminals out there, prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. 

Stay safe this summer - and if you want to talk about home security with people who genuinely care, give us a call. 


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