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Security Tips For Spring

Mar 16, 2018

With the weather changing and the clocks about to go forward, we can all look forward to longer days and lighter evenings!

Your agenda is likely to change too. It's time to swap cosy nights in for evenings out and instead of spending your weekends huddled up on your sofa, the weather is going to take you out and about as you make the most of the better weather. 

But what does this mean for your home? 

As you know, break-ins are largely opportunistic crimes. 

If a burglar believes they can get in and out of your home unnoticed and undisturbed, then when an opportunity presents itself they're more likely to grab it. 

And with spring underway, there's a chance your home will be unoccupied more often. 

So how can you maximise home security and cut the likelihood of your home being a target of burglars?

Here are some simple ideas you can implement NOW. 

1. Check your outhouses and sheds 

It's all too easy to underestimate the value of the contents in your sheds, outhouses, and outbuildings. But if you're storing bikes, garden equipment, and garden furniture, the value can easily mount up. 

Remember, car boot sales become popular at springtime and unfortunately there will be some unscrupulous people who will come hunting where they shouldn't for things to sell. 

So ensure your items don't find their way into someone else's boot by checking the locks on your outbuildings and ensuring they're all securely fastened. 

2. ALWAYS lock your windows and doors
It takes a scarily short amount of time for burglars to be in and out of your home. 

It's why you should lock up every time you go out - even if you're only nipping to the shops or to see a neighbour. Don't make your belongings vulnerable by leaving the doors open to intruders. 

Instead, lock up and lock them out. 

3. Don't hide keys 
Got spare keys hidden under a flowerpot or in another 'safe' place?

If so, we encourage you to remove them now. Thieves are savvy. They don't think in the same way as you or I, which means that clever hiding place could well be discovered. 

And if thieves are unable to enter your home with a key, you may not be covered for loss on your house insurance. So don't take the risk. 

4. Don't advertise your house is unoccupied 
In this social media age it's fun to share pictures on your profiles. Who doesn't like to post up a good holiday snap?Not only is it a great way to tell your friends and family what you're up too, but it's an easy way to create memories too. 

But beware...

When those snaps get posted, do you really know who is seeing them?

What's more, be conscious of the fact that you've advertised that no one is home. It means if someone has their signts on your property, you've just given them the all clear to pop inside and take their pick!

And in a similar way to the 'hidden' key, this is something your insurance company may not be too lenient with either. 

5. Get a deterrent
Home security to a large degree is common sense. 

There are a LOT of things you can do to minimise the risk and keep the burglars away. 

But think about this... if a burglar was walking down your road of identical houses which do you think they are more likely to target?

  • The one with the well maintained burglar alarm
  • Or the one without?

Opportunistic criminals will not take a gamble if they decide the risk isn't worth the reward. 

And your intruder alarm could be the factor that tips the balance. Noisy bells attract attention. And if your alarm is monitored, someone will check it out. 

So if you want more peace of mind, a home security system is a simple step in the right direction. 

Of course all homes and families are different, and that's why we offer advice for free. 

So if you want to explore the benefits a professionally installed intruder alarm could make to you, get in touch. 


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