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How To Give Your Business's Security A Spring Clean

Mar 20, 2018

Traditionally, spring is a time to clear out the clutter and make time for a deep clean. 

But a focus on clearing out and refreshing rooms and cupboards doesn't have to be restrained to cleaning. You can also apply this same principle to your business's security arrangements. 

And for good reason...

Businesses are fast moving. Things are always changing whether that's staff, policies, procedures, stock levels, or even the way your operation runs. As a result there's always the risk that your security arrangements may be outdated. 

Outdated arrangements carry their own threat - it could mean that your business is unknowingly vulnerable. 

So to help you tighten things up, here's a checklist of things to review - to give you the peace of mind that you've covered all your bases. 


1. Outside lights: 
Intruders like the cover of darkness as it prevents them being seen or recognised. So make sure all the bulbs are working and if not, take the time to replace them. 

2. CCTV:
If CCTV protects your premises are you happy the cameras are located in the optimum positions? Also, double-check that everything is recording and backing up as expected. Don't forget to check the quality of the pictures recorded is good enough too.

3. Locks:
Are locks robust and fit for purpose? Are any outbuildings or irregularly used areas securely fastened? If not, consider upgrades or replacements. 

4. Dark alleys: 
Ensure any pathways or secluded areas are well lit. Not only does this limit the likelihood of burglars hiding, but it can make staff feel safer too. 

5. Bins: 
Are your bins providing cover for potential thieves? If so, consider relocating them so that they don't. 

6. Foliage, bushes, and trees:
Most burglaries are opportunistic. If criminals believe they can get in and out undetected, they are more likely to take a risk. So make sure your premises don't provide places to hide out. Tidying up your garden areas can make all the difference. 

7. Accessibility: 
How easy is it for people to enter your premises? For sure, you want to maintain the balance of security and accessibility for customers, but would an access system help tighten things up and offer more peace of mind? 

8. Intruder alarms: 
Has your alarm been serviced recently? Are you confident it will work efficiently if required? If not, arrange a service to get peace of mind that the system you depend on is fit for the purpose. 

9. Review permissions: 
Have you had any members of staff leave that are still named on the system and do they still have codes and keys to the premises? Consider auditing your system to ensure only all of the current employees are still listed. 

10. Check detection levels: 
Has your alarm system been set up for maximum security or have you had an extension that is not covered? Or are there any doors, windows or rooms that don't have motion detection fitted? Have you created any new offices that now don't have any detection?

Need some help?

While it would be nice, security isn't something you can do once and tick off as done. 

Instead, your company's security arrangements need regular review and should grow as your business grows to ensure you have maximum coverage. 

And if you need some help or you would just like to ask any questions, we'd be happy to advise. Our Site Surveys are free, without obligation, and packed with expert advice to help you sleep better at night.  

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