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The Three Essentials of Business Security

Jan 15, 2018

When it comes to protecting your business, it can feel like a minefield. 

Do this, don't do that! With so much advice raining down on you, there's a chance you'll get stuck with feeling overwhelmed and end up taking no action at all! 

The good news is that security doesn't need to be so complicated. 

You simply need to ensure that you're doing the right things at the right times. And that boils down to THREE essentials, which I'll explain for you now. 

Put these in place and you'll feel more confident instantly. 

1. Adopt a security mindset

Burglars are impulsive criminals. If they spot an opportunity where they believe they can get in and out undetected then they may just take the chance. 

The difficulty when it comes to protecting your business is that the burglars you are trying to keep out siply don't think in the same way as you or I. It's why it's so easy to overlook what's 'obvious' to a criminal. 

But the first step to levelling the playing field is to adopt a security mindset. 

Become more vigilant about the weaknesses and risk at your premises. 

Don't assume everything will be all right. Instead take measures and steps to ensure that it will be. And if you get stuck we're always here to help. 

2. Invest in a solution tailored to you

Nowadays there are all sorts of cheap alarm systems, which you can invest in off the shelf. 

But we wouldn't recommend it. 

The problem with a DIY option is you'll be squeezed into a one-size-fits-all solution. Your business is unique in so many ways. Everything from your access routes, to the surrounding vegetation, to the orientation of your doors and windows combine to create a unique setting. 

Even less obvious differences such as the location of your rubbish bins or the position of your reception area have an impact on your security processes and protocol. 

And that's before we've even discussed what happens in your business and who's on site at any one time!

Your business needs a unique solution. 

For sure that doesn't mean you need to invest £00,000s on a bespoke system, but it does mean you'll want to take advice on decisions such as:

  • Whether CCTV is advisable
  • Where to locate motion sensors
  • What access systems to place on your doors
  • What monitoring measures should be in place
  • How to add additional security features such as smoke detectors and other fire safety precautions
  • How to manage your grounds to reduce your risk etc. 

As you can see there are a whole host of factors to take into account. Together they create a big picture overview of your business and the specific risks you face. Only when you understand these risks can you implement a solution that's going to give you the peace of mind you want. 

It's why we offer all local businesses a free site survey - because you don't know what you don't know. 

3. Constant eyes for peace of mind

When your business is your livelihood you cannot afford a break-in that could have been prevented. 

There are all kinds of unexpected consequences of a burglary. In addition to physical damage and losses, you may suffer losses as a result of staff absences and loss of trading hours too. 

Do you have a contingency plan for dealing with that?

While it's not a cast-iron guarantee that the burglars will stay away, a monitoring agreement is a wise investment for any small business. 

You can't be on-site all the time and you need to feel confident and comfortable that your premises are being observed in your absence. 

With monitoring, as well as guaranteeing someone will investigate should your alarm sound, you also have an extra layer of deterrent that can make all the difference. 

Need some help embedding the fundamentals?

If enhancing your security at work is on your list of to-do, don't delay. 

Instead, get the advice you need to make sound decisions by booking a free site survey today. 

There's no obligation. Instead you get to benefit from our 30 years' experience of protecting businesses in the area you're based. 

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