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Security Checklist: How To Prepare For Your Christmas Shutdown

Nov 22, 2017

Will your business be closing over the Christmas break?

If so, it's important you plan ahead to minimise the risk of a break-in at a time when your premises are at their most vulnerable. 

So to help you prepare (and give you the confidence that you can take a break) here's a list of precautions and things to check. 

1. Assessment
Firstly, conduct a thorough risk assessment of your premises. Some things to consider include: 

  • Your location: Are you on an industrial estate where other businesses are also closing?
  • Wear & tear: Are there any vulnerabilities at your premises that need fixing before the holiday (for example: broken locks, fences, windows or insecure or damaged doors)
  • Burglar's eye-view: From the perspective of a would-be criminal, is there anything that could make an intruder feel confident they could get in and out undetected? 

2. Keyholders 
Should your sound during the Christmas shutdown, you'll need someone to attend site. So check your keyholder list to assess availability and ensure details are up-to-date. 

If you need to change keyholders during the festive period, ensure staff understand their responsibilities. 

3. 'Window shopping'
When you look at your premises from the outside in, are valuables in plain sight? 

Remember, most break-ins are opportunistic. If a burglar can see that their risk could pay off big, it could be all the incentive they need to intrude. 

Where possible, ensure valuables are locked away or are moved so they can't be seen easily through windows and doors. 

4. Visits 
Consider putting together a schedule of regular visits to check everything remains secure. This could help prevent a crime or give early warning if an issue is developing. 

5. Check security systems
Ensure your CCTV and security systems are fully operational. If a service is due book it now to ensure you have peace of mind over the Christmas break. 

6. Lighting
Burglars target places where they feel confident they can get in and out undetected. If they believe they can access your premises without being seen, your business could be at risk. 

That's why security lighting is so vital. 

Motion sensors switch on the lights therefore preventing a thief having the cover of darkness. So check your lighting in advance. Ensure all bulbs and sensors are working. If not, get them fixed in time for your shutdown. 

7. Landscaping
Just like darkness, overgrown bushes can provide somewhere for a criminal to hide. Ensure they don't have that opportunity by keeping everything trimmed and under control. 

8. Monitoring
If you have a monitoring contract, ensure your provider knows your Christmas opening pattern. 

9. Locking up
When it's time to leave for the Christmas break, do a thorough check before you drive away. Ensure:

  • All doors are securely fastened
  • Windows are shut and locked
  • CCTV is working correctly and recording (with sufficient capacity to store footage)
  • You know the location of all keys
  • Your security system has been activated

10. Heating
Remember to leave the heating on - even if you reduce the temperature. We've seen the damage and devastation that can happen when businesses switch off the heating entirely and there is a cold spell. 

11. Data 
Back up your data and take a copy home with you. That way should the worse happen at least you wouldn't lose the digital information, which your business relies on. 

12. Decorations
While it's tempting to leave up decorations, if you do be mindful of those that could trigger your intruder alarm. The last thing you want is to be called away from your Christmas lunch because some tinsel fell off the ceiling and activated your alarm bells! 

While you may be itching to let your hair down, a little extra vigilance could ensure your holiday passes without any issues. 

If you'd like to discuss your Christmas shutdown plans with one of our security experts, just give us a call. We'd be happy to help. 

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